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Generate at least 3 OUTSTANDING profit focused ideas based on your skills, interests, finances, and lifestyle.





Startup Idea Factory - Live Online Course

A practical fun learning and SKILL development experience for wantrepreneurs to identify feasible and profitable startup opportunities for LIFE.

Have you ever said…

“I’ve always wanted to start a business, but I don’t have a great idea.”


“I need a side hustle, but I don’t know what options are fit for me.

“All the great clever ideas are already taken.”


“I don’t have tech skills or a craft needed to create a startup.”

… then this live online course is for you!

1 spot left this summer! Claim yours now!








Do you realize that RIGHT NOW you are living in the midst of a completely transformational INFORMATION & STARTUP REVOLUTION?

INDIVIDUALS created over 200 BILLION-dollar-STARTUPS since 2009.

VC’s invested 79.8 BILLION dollars into STARTUPS in 2015.

3,600,000 Americans have a SIDE HUSTLE earning $60k or more a year

So, here’s the PROBLEM:

Wantrepreneurs are limited in scope and methodology when it comes to creating startup ideas.

You don’t realize or don’t believe that coming up with great ideas as well as entrepreneurship can be LEARNED. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Sadly, because of this, you leave it to chance that a great idea will eventually come.

Too many education programs are left incomplete or focus more on knowledge transfer rather than SKILL development. Trust me, I know!

Many wantrepreneurs don’t see the value in developing their idea generation skill claiming, “I already have a great idea” or “ideas aren’t the problem” – but the truth is you should not have just ONE idea but over a DOZEN great ideas! 

Moreover, you may think your idea is great when compared to your other ideas or peer’s ideas, but I’m positive we can work together to generate a BETTER IDEA that is more innovative, more feasible, and more scalable. What do you think the long term return on just a slightly better idea would be??? Ya, it’s quite a bit…


I know because I LIVED IT!

From one amateur idea to 50+ OUTSTANDING ideas 

Escaping the Golden Cage

Hi, I’m Dalton Kreiss, former small business owner, engineer, MBA graduate, ex-corporate project manager turned entrepreneur. 

Three years ago, I was project managing custom automation projects for Fortune 500 clients. I was making decent money and climbing my way up the corporate ladder. Monday through Friday, week after week, year after year, I commuted to work usually under a dark sky and returned home in the dark, exhausted and burnt out from the 10 hour hamster wheel day. Although my work was interesting, I was living for the weekend and the lousy three vacation weeks a year. The ‘golden cage’, as my German colleagues called it, was getting shinier and smaller by the year. My dreams of starting a business were slipping further and further away. Have you ever felt like this?

One day, after projecting what the predictable next ten years of my life had in store, I knew it was now or never to chase down my startup dreamsThe only problem was… I didn’t have any great ideas and no f’ing idea what I was doing!

My First Amateur Idea

I decided to hit the ground running and drew up a specification for my app idea where one could quickly use their iPhone to pay for drinks at the bar. Genius, right?! After a few quotes from app developers, I quickly realized the idea was sub-par. I had no business launching a mobile application of this nature and ultimately, I was in no position to pursue the idea in a professional manner.

This is when I realized I was totally lost about entrepreneurship. I couldn’t tell a clever, innovative, and promising idea from a lousy sub-par idea. I didn’t really have any great startup ideas and I definitely didn’t know how to come up with them. I wasn’t sure if I needed to focus on startups that dealt with custom automation or could I pursue startups that had nothing to do with my profession? Is this something you can relate to?

I didn’t know whether starting a business required rich relatives or when would be the proper time to approach an investor. I was beginning to wonder if starting an innovative company is something that just happens by chance and luck. I even began accepting that eternal corporate life might just be a reality for me. Am I just another jabroni? Do other people also feel this pain? Have you ever had these thoughts as well?

3 years later, I’m an idea generating master!

I’m currently wandering the world working full time on startup ideas and business development, either as a consultant, as a partner in a pre-launch business, or for my 23 Startups course. I spend all my free time solving the problem that I once faced and passing the knowledge on to others to enable them to also escape their golden cage. I generate more great ideas than I have the bandwidth to pursue!

Typically, I stumble upon at least one annoyingly distracting great idea per week, which is why I simply give them away in my course in hopes of inspiring others to pursue them.

Since mastering the skill in early 2016, I’ve won first place in 4 international startup competitions with 2 different ideas as well as won “the best pitch” award at HHL graduate school’s 2016 business model development competition with a completely unrelated third idea. Later in 2016, my brother lead me to a fourth startup opportunity that was truly worthy of pursuing and compelling enough to successfully raise angel investment from 3 complete strangers after hearing the pitch just ONE time. Essentially, I’ve discovered a system of methods and developed the skill behind them to see startup opportunities in all shapes and colors for the rest of my life.


The long and expensive road to great startup ideas:

My journey began by enrolling in Germany’s number one entrepreneurial graduate school. It set me back a cool $34,000 in tuition plus opportunity costs well over $100,000 as it was a 2 year full time 60 hour a week experience.

Throughout that 2 year experience, I was constantly pushing myself to identify the perfect opportunity to capitalize on, spending 100’s of hours scouring Product Hunt, CrunchBase, and every online startup community out there looking for inspiration and know-how. I’ve pitched VC’s and experts from a dozen different countries receiving their detailed feedback on what aspects of an idea are attractive to them. I attended over 30 in person entrepreneurial events/conferences/panel discussions and established myself as the president of the HHL Venture Capital Club. At these events I always asked fellow founders the same questions, first and foremost, how they discovered their startup opportunity.


The good news is I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned!

I put this course together to pass on everything I’ve learned to you in a 1000 times more cost and time efficient way. I’ve explored all the competition for startup idea generation including youtube channels, Udemy, YC startup school videos, etc, ‘borrowing’ their best material and leaving out all the trivial stuff. I’ve scraped together all the notes, articles, books, lecture slides, and lessons learned over the last 2 years of discovery and compiled it all into 6 methods for identifying startup ideas.  Basically I’ve created the ultimate course hyper-specialized for one single purpose – finding that golden startup idea truly worth pursuing.


The Startup Idea Factory


A course for the first and most crucial step in the startup process

Let me take you on a nine-week journey that starts with addressing common misconceptions of entrepreneurship and finishes with laying out a clear path forward to professionally pursuing a business idea. The seven weeks in-between deep dive into the different methods for generating innovative startup ideas.

This hard-skills course-workshop is about discovering business opportunities and applying modern business models combined with modern technology to CREATE VALUE for customers and CAPTURE PROFITS from doing so. 

Quickly discover realistic and attractive opportunities suited uniquely for you and see that there is a well-defined path forward to pursuing such an opportunity. In this way, you will realize that creating a startup and living the non-corporate lifestyle you desire doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream left to chance!

And The 4 Life Changing Benefits You’ll Get

3 Great Pursuable Startup Ideas

Every student is guaranteed to walk out with at least 3 feasible and profitable startup ideas suited uniquely for their life. These ideas will be ready for the next step of the startup process: idea validation and business model development.

Learn the SKILL for Life

Learn the skill of identifying startup opportunities and conveniently apply it the rest of your career. When the right opportunity presents itself at the right time, you’ll see it early and be ready to jump on it!

Crash Course on Startup Process

Most people are lost on how to go about a business launch while minimizing risk. 8/10 startups from my university, HHL,  are successful. How?! Because believe it or not, there is a method to the madness!

Fun and Inspiring

Have fun in this course as we study unconventional examples and brainstorm some ideas a bit off the wall. Learning shouldn’t be boring and especially not entrepreneurship. Expect to be entertained and inspired throughout!

Don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what students are saying

I am a current business student myself, and even though some of the concepts of the course were familiar to me, the course remained highly valuable. Dalton is a great coach, he cuts through all the BS and delivers everything on point. He promised me at least three ideas before the course and delivered!

As of now I am developing one of the ideas of the course further. We had lots of fun during the classes, developing and brainstorming ideas together, applying concepts and giving feedback to each other. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur but struggles to come up with pursuable ideas.

Philip Düker, 28

HHL Graduate Student - Leipzig, Germany

Enrolling in 23 Startups was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It gave me the confidence and inspiration I needed to push my boundaries and realize there are other options to life than spending 8 hours a day in a cubicle.

I left the class with countless great ideas, 2 of which I am actively pursuing. The course was fun, energetic and really eye opening. Dalton is a great instructor and made sure everyone fully grasped the concepts we learned over the weeks. I would recommend this course to anyone who has ever questioned the career path they’re on.

Regardless of where you’re at in life, having more options never hurts.

Alex Pas, 28

Sales Manager - Chicago

This course provides you with the tools and methodology to develop an innovative business idea and is the perfect precursor to building a team to successfully execute a business plan. I recommend 23Startups for anyone lacking great business ideas and could use some general guidance from an experienced instructor. Regardless of your background or career aspirations, this course will be the catalyst that you need to put your startup ambitions in motion and teach you how to develop and present a compelling proposal.

It is not just a lecture spewing information at you, but an interactive atmosphere that provides constant feedback and direction. You can tell the instructor is very passionate about developing not only your ideas but you as an entrepreneur. 23Startups has set me on a course for achieving my dreams of owning my own business and I will continue to use this resource as I maneuver through my career and creative endeavors.

Cam Bohorquez, 28

HR Specialist: Talent Acquisition - San Jose

The business ideas I used to come up with before joining this course were for one of two things – service related businesses like coaching or teaching, or what I now understand to be inventions. I was very limited in the scope of businesses I thought I could actually pursue.

After taking this course, I understand that an invention is an invention, and when it comes to startups there are infinite possibilities beyond teaching or coaching. It’s really amazing how many opportunities there are when you have these techniques in your back pocket. I’m now coming up with at least one new business idea every week. Not only that but identifying the different elements that other businesses are using has become almost like a game – it’s so fun to put what Dalton teaches into practice. Seriously it’s like coming up with a viable business option is no longer a problem – the new problem is which business is worth pursuing.

I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are building their own online courses and I must say this course was unique to others I’ve seen because Dalton adjusts every lecture to be relevant to the group of students he has and shows them examples specific to each individual in the class. It’s extremely personalized and when you see that he took the time to come up with a viable startup for you, you’re like wow, ok if he could do that I can probably come up with one too. He makes the classes fun and keeps all his examples current.

Hanna Woodside, 26

Education Coach - Traveler

(Consulting customer) – Dalton was incredibly helpful in formulating a business plan. He asked questions that helped me define what was once a vague idea, he invited pushback and counter-arguments to shift the business model in a certain direction. Dalton also shared several resources and links relevant to my questions. Overall Dalton was friendly, encouraging, and I would strongly recommend his services to anyone considering entrepreneurship. Jack McCarthy, 21

Economics Student - Minnesota

I came into tonight thinking “This is great and all, but not really sure I can come up with an idea that I would be able to jump all in on” and left thinking “holy shit, this is so doable if you go about it the right way.” Student comment after week 2, "Copy Cat Method"

February 21, 2017

Before this course, I had no earthly idea about what it meant to start a business. I figured if you wanted to start one you had to invent something. I’m an English grad who works in logistics and entered the course with the mindset “I don’t love my job, but I can’t afford to drop everything and go to grad school. Why not check this out?” I had no idea what it meant to be an entrepreneur and even less of an idea about how to run a business.

This class completely 180’d my expectations of actually starting a business. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s the real deal. If you want to make the move from being a wantrepeneur to an entrepreneur, this course is the key. I now not only can recognize opportunities, but I know where to turn when it comes to execution and the next steps. I won the final competition for the best innovative business idea and although I’m not at a point in my life to pursue it, I know that when the timing is right, there are plenty of opportunities out there to capitalize on and how to find them.

Will Conlon, 28

Logistics Manager - Chicago

I was so inspired by our first meeting on Sunday, I posted my first ad on craigslist for my resume, interview, and negotiation coaching. I got my first client yesterday. I gotta thank you and the course cus I’ve been thinking of doing it for months but that night I was like quit thinking you jabroni and start DOING. Student comment after week 1, "Reframing mindset"

February 14, 2017

(Consulting customer) – Dalton is a great mentor! He took his time to understand my needs and offered valuable insights along the way for me to perfect my pitch. Extremely professional and brilliant communicator! Ali Sicimli

Social entrepreneur - Montreal

Why this course is tremendously valuable

A great idea…

equals 35% of your entrepreneur success

Sure it’s true VC’s will take a great team with an OK idea over an OK team with a great idea. None the less, your IDEA and MARKET still make up 35% of your factors for success! This is a HUGE piece of the pie that is too often neglected!

is the core of your entire company future

Everything you do for the years following your launch will revolve around your idea and market space. Don’t you want an idea that you are truly passionate about and one that is innovative enough to keep you energized day in and day out?

simply CANNOT be outsourced

You can get help with your market research, you can get help with developing an amazing pitch deck, and you can even get help with how to get funding. NOBODY is going to generate and deliver a great idea suited perfectly for your life!

As a business owner, you will spend 10’s of 1000’s of hours on execution over the next several decades.

Don’t be short sighted!

Invest 20 hours making sure you are executing on the best IDEA possible that’s in a highly favorable MARKET.

Think you don’t need this course? Don’t let your EGO fool you. There is ALWAYS a BETTER idea out there that you haven’t yet discovered.

After 9 classes, you will identify profitable startup opportunities all around you for the rest of your life. GUARANTEED!

It only takes one opportunity to change the entire course of your entrepreneurial career. You'll leave with at least 3.

MBA entrepreneurial courses are entirely theory-oriented and cost an average of $3,800 per course.

Other online resources simply lecture rather than engage, interact, and practice. Learning a SKILL through one way communication is ineffective and a great way to waste time.

Don't leave coming up with a great idea to chance. Develop the SKILL and guarantee you will never mutter, "I just never came across that golden idea worth pursuing".

Complete opportunity identification class

My Personal Guarantee

This unique course is based on entrepreneurial methods proven from the #1 entrepreneurial graduate school in Germany, HHL, combined and compiled with unique insights, personally developed methods, and years of independent research. This course is without a doubt the most cost and time effective solution on the market to generate a great business idea, retain the skill, and understand clearly how to move forward on pursuing a startup opportunity.

I’ve done all the research and am an expert in the current startup landscape. I know of dozens of fresh opportunities just waiting to be exploited that I will give to you. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ in most cases, but rather a matter of when and by whom. Join me and you will be convinced by the end of the first method class that there are feasible and profitable businesses that YOU could start this year as a side hustle or full time.

If you aren’t convinced by the second method, you can drop the course and RECEIVE A FULL REFUND!
If you don’t feel you have 3 highly OUTSTANDING pursuable ideas at the end, RECEIVE A FULL REFUND!


Week 1: Reframe Your Mindset - Clear away common misconceptions and understand your personal boundaries

Video 1: Everything is a remix
Video 2: Invention vs. Innovation and Innovation vs. Risk/Opportunity
Video 3: “I don’t want to tell you my idea because it might get stolen”… Get ready to compete!
Video 4: Market Sliver Mentality – 1000 true fans
Video 5: Personal constraints and your custom checklist

Week 2: Copy Cat Method - If it's not broke, don't fix it

Did you know there is a 8 billion dolar company out there that simply copies the most successful ideas? This method is the most robust as it always generates pursuable ideas. I’ll show you exactly how to apply the method efficiently, complete with a custom checklist to use, and I will show you some beautiful startups that popped up in the last year or two that would be perfect to nab and setup in your hometown. I’ve spent days upon days finding these and I will simply reveal to you the best ones!

Week 3: Business Model Method - 'We are the Uber for... XXX"

Let me tell you a wunderbar inspirational story of how a graduate from my tiny university created a 24 million dollar company in two years using this exact method to come up with his idea. Class will be full of in-class exercises to generate awesome ideas live after I give you a few insights and tips.

This method often generates the most innovative ideas and tends to be the most preferred method used in the final competition. It’s also the funnest.

Week 4: Market Segment Method - A shortcut for doubling value to customers without doubling costs

This class is about understanding market segments in a whole new way and provides four seperate idea generation methods step by step, complete with tips and considerations for each method. The concepts are simple, but the magic in the class is in the countless brain boggling fun real world examples and the hilarious group exercises where we will generate ideas live.

This class is 4 methods in 1 class so hard to generalize the key benefits. It has proven to trigger ideas, but also is always used in rounding out ideas generated from other methods.

1) Combination method 
2) Behavior and demographic niche method 
3) Specialization 
4) Gap method

Week 5: Value Lever Method - "Ever hear of 8-minute abs?... 7. minute. abs."

How could 2 guys in a garage take down a 140 billion dollar company in 3 years? How does a French hotel offer 5 star quality service for a 2 star quality price? There are 19,500 mens apparel e-commerce stores, do you think there’s room for one more? Along with answering these questions with examples, in depth analysis, and group exercises, we will deepen our understanding of value creation, explore over 20 startup and corporate examples for each component of the value lever, and do several group exercises practicing the 5 step method. As always, class will end with my best application of the method as I present an innovative idea regarding Las Vegas vacation packages.

This class is guarunteed to generates ideas, but how good they are really depend on investing the time in the process. This class has tremendous value because it not only can generate idea leads, but it is always applied in perfecting and rounding out a business idea.

Week 6: PESTEL Method - Opportunities are found in change

More than ever before, our world is changing at a faster and faster rate, whether it’s protectionist politics, the environment, or a massive movement towards local craft beer. Whether the change is good or heart dropping, opportunities are found in change. Since change is constant, opportunities are infinite, but also dynamic. One thing is for sure- after this class, you wil no longer mutter the words, “all the good ideas are already taken.”

Especially students who have never been exposed to the PESTEL concept absolutely love this class. It’s one of the best methods for generating ideas that tap into a fresh, new, trendy space, and benefit from relatively low competition. Personally, my best idea that I am currently pursuing was created practicing this method for creating this class.

Week 7: Problem Method - How to identify the RIGHT problems and create PROFITABLE business solutions

Class will start with an inspirational story and pitch of my own- ‘GetMeHome’ – a solution to tackle drunk driving – which was created using this 5 step method and went on to win a couple startup competitions. After some brief insights and tips about each step of the method, you will learn the 5 different strategies for identifying problems and my 3 key elements of profitable solution generation. As a group we are going to solve some age old problems like standing in line to get into a bar as well as some extremely challenging and complex problems like how to curb south side Chicago’s 82 shootings a week.

Essentially every startup pitch opens with the problem, so this method is at the core of developing a strong value proposition. Although the method is often used passively, it is an excellent method of choice for those that want to start a business in something they are intensely passionate about.

Week 8: Wrap Up - Tying it all together and securing this knowledge for years to come

This class includes a game throughout where student’s guess what method was used for a given startup and answer questions based on the course review. There is no winner announced, but rather only a designated loser just to prove a point. Tips on diversifying the set of ideas you generate are offered and I’ll show you how to go from 23 great startup ideas to selecting the 3-5 best ideas suited for the next phase of the statup process.

This class brings everything we learned the last 7 weeks together and you can see the magic of all the methods working together to create masterful business ideas. Not only will it properly prepare you to have a killer idea for the final competition in 2 weeks, but it will secure your ability to recognize opportunities the rest of your life!

Week 9: The Final Competition - Present our ultimate startup ideas and a look at the path forward

Eight weeks of class are leading up to this action packed competition! The great magic of this course is we don’t just practice what we learned on some hypothetical project, essay, or simulation. This is real life and we are identifying real opportunities with real business models behind them that are actually pursuable! This competition might just be the extra push you needed to get real serious about your entrepreneurial potential and the journey that ensues.

For this reason, I don’t end class after the group votes on the winners of the competition. In my true form, I will hit you with numerous remarkable examples of when people’s ideas were laughed at only for them to go on and make millions. Then I will show you what other topics are included in entrepreneurial studies and why you DON’T need to become an expert on each as you did on idea generation. I’ll show you the general path forward between validating an idea and doing a full launch complete with personal examples of each step of the process. I’ll also give you some optimistic insights to what makes a great entrepreneur and a great team, complete with a breakdown of education backgrounds of the most successful startups. In this way, I’m positive you will leave this class with not only a great opportunity recognized, but a highlevel understanding of the path forward on how to evaluate and capitalize on your brilliant idea.

This class is just the shit. Don’t miss it.

Course Components

Weekly 1.5 hour live online class/workshop
 Fast, relevant, practical, fun, info-packed, and delivered on point.

  • Review classmates’ business ideas/assignments (competition)
  • Inspirational story exemplifying the method 
  • 2-5 step method process explicitly described
  • Numerous real-world startup examples 
  • Tips, insights, and strategies for optimizing 
  • Group exercises practicing the method live
  • My personal past or current experiences
  • Next week’s task and my very best startup idea 

Weekly Assignment

Don’t worry, no transcripts here. Invest your time as you see fit, but assignments are a big part of the experience and everyone is always excited to see what ideas their classmates were able to generate.


  • Practice directly what you learned and identify real life opportunties each week
  • Get in-class feedback from the instructor and your peers
  • Each week is a fun competition with your peers voting on the best idea
  • Begin populating your 23Startups idea list with each successful assignment completed

Weekly coaching hour available

  • Ask questions regarding class or get help practicing the method
  • Discuss ideas openly and brainstorm together how to improve them
  • Ask questions about the entrepreneurial process and general startup consulting

The Final Competition

This is what it’s all leading up to. It’s what pushes you to really put in time applying everything you’ve learned. After this, you will be jumping to start the next steps in pursuing your golden idea.


  • Present your very best idea (or two ideas)
  • Get feedback and vote on 2 winners
  • Group brainstorming on how to make every idea even better

There is NO interactive course hyper-specializing in startup idea generation,

but here is what alternative online entrepreneurial courses COST:

NINE weeks – FULLY interactive – 100% guaranteed – $697 

Limited Time Offer – $297

Startup Idea Factory course includes:

  • 13.5 hours of live class with interaction and workshopping
  • 8 out-of-class exercises with unlimited email support
  • 9 available coaching sessions (1 hour each) to get free startup consultation and feedback (well over $450 value alone!)
  • Guaranteed 3 feasible and profitable startup ideas suited uniquely for you (or FULL REFUND!!!)
  • $75 referral program
  • See all my best ideas and ‘borrow’ any you feel fit for your life!
  • Exclusive access to next pilot course ‘Business Launch Pad’ at 50% discount! (over $300 value alone!)

My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t convinced by the second method, you can drop the course and RECEIVE A REFUND NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

If you don’t feel you have 3 highly OUTSTANDING pursuable ideas at the end, RECEIVE A REFUND NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I’m POSITIVE this SKILL can be developed with this unique program based on breakthrough results of last students.

Truly a 100% RISK FREE offer! You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this program, yet the upside may be life changing! 

Plus a $300 BONUS!

Once you discover your 3 outstanding ideas, trust me, you are going to be very eager to pursue them. I will coach you through the 6 steps needed to go from IDEA to fully ready LAUNCH PLAN and pitch deck in the next course! 

Idea Factory Students receive exclusive access to next pilot course ‘Business Launch Pad’ at a 50% discount! (over $300 value alone!)

Date, Time, and Price

Dates: July 10th – September 11th, 2017

Class: Mondays 7:00-8:30pm CST

Office Hour: TBD

Location: Zoom video conference and Google Classroom

Price:  $697 $297 $59/month at


*last time live customized course will sell at 43% of full price!*

*$59 referral program after course completion*

*Class day or time doesn’t fit your schedule? Contact me with details.*

Who is this course for?


  • a SALES, MARKETING, and/or BUSINESS ADMIN background
  • a strong entrepreneurial spirit with a deep drive to elevate their life beyond corporate. You are SERIOUS about self-employment!
  • ‘street smarts’, motivation, and will take action, but you NEED HARD SKILLS (tangible measurable knowledge)
  • an extremely customer oriented train of thought
  • an open mind and are not overly pessimistic
  • broken a rule or two in life

And it’s OK if you DON’T have…

  • a business degree, MBA, or startup workshop experience
  • tech skills of any kind or close ties to tech network 
  • a suitcase full of money or rich relatives
  • the greatest imagination in the world or are not the ‘creative type’
  • an immediate intention of leaving your day job
Which types of startups are focused on?

Characteristics of our startups…

  • Fits your interests, skill set, team requirements, finances, and location constraints
  • Often internet and information oriented products
  • Middle-manning products, NOT producing them

  • Low investment ($0 – $25,000)
  • Low tech: tech as facilitator, not core value proposition
  • Preferably NO mobile app needed for initial product
  • Often platform based solutions that are scalable and generate CONTINUOUS PASSIVE INCOME
  • Business models like sharing economy, on demand services, e-commerce, price comparison website, web traffic generators, matching sites, centralized info platforms, affiliate marketing, e-learning, etc, etc, etc.

NOT characteristics of our startups…

  • Hefty tech and advanced programming involved
  • Based around inventing something
  • Heavy reliance on a corporate/government partner/client 
  • Require $100,000 or more for a minimal viable product
  • Require specialized expert that’s not you
  • Require intensive legal, regulatory, or FDA input
  • Physical stores or large manufacturing operations
23Startups Classroom Values

Practicality > Theory

Ever sit in a business class learning something 100% theory driven and useless, contemplating whether to just walk out? Me too! If it’s not relevant to helping you identify opportunities, it’s not taught. No bull shit in this class, just applicable methods, real examples, and useful info.

Keep It Real

No safe space in this classroom! Political correctness and sensitivity have no place in this learning approach. The learning environment strives to keep it real and touches upon what some might consider edgy topics. That said, consideration and respect are always valued.

Fun but Focused

Life should be enjoyable and goal focused at the same time. This course is designed with the same mentality. Although the mood is light humored, each class is results driven. Classes are fun, interesting, engaging, and always with the purpose of making you an expert in opportunity recognition.

1 spot left for summer! For less than $1/day for a year, get serious about your startup future. Enroll now!








Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed to leave with outstanding ideas I could actually pursue?

Surprisingly, YES! If you come to all the classes and you come to five coaching hours, I will guarantee minimum 3 feasible and profitable ideas suited personally for you. If you just can’t generate them entirely yourself, at the very least, we will brainstorm some together to make sure you have 3 pursuable opportunities by the end of the course. 


Is this class all that is needed to professionally launch a startup?

No. Nothing worth having comes that easy! Don’t believe any program that says, “start a startup in 3 days”, etc. That said, every opportunity is different and every student has a different business background so it is possible, but not recommended. In general I recommend learning about step two which is essentially everything outlined below as “next steps”. 23 Startups will offer a course on these next steps soon. This ensures your idea is a comprehensive business model and worth putting money into.

The good news is it is easy to get help and consulting on the next steps and you do not need to necessarily become an expert, where as identifying opportunties fit for your life is something that you must master alone.

What other solutions are available for idea generation and entrepreneurial education?

There are tons of resources and products available that deal with entrepreneurial education. Each with their own value proposition and speciality, each with their own cost and time investment. Below I list a few options that are popular competitors to 23 Startups. Why can competitors be listed on 23 Startup’s website? Because there is no other product on the market so highly specialized in idea generation and certainly not one that is fully interactive (live) at such an affordable price:

-MBA / entrepreneurial graduate school $30,000 – $60,000 (ie. ;  University of Texas at Austin, Center for Entrepreneurship)
-MBA’s online (ie. )
-Startup schools in person (ie. )
-Startup schools online (ie. )
-Entrepreneurial video courses online  (ie. )
-Countless books on Amazon ( ) 

23 Startups competitors analysis

Can someone who doesn't have a million dollar startup teach startup education?

It’s a great question and I would be asking myself the same thing!

First of all, note the class is about identifying startup opportunities, which I have won a few international competitions doing so, as well as raised angel investment from multiple strangers for another opportunity I identified.

Second, understand the world of teaching and practicing are two very different skills. Often the most accomplished professors often suck at lecturing and teaching. In comparison, the best sports players more often fail at coaching, while the best coaches never played in the NBA or NFL. Coaching and playing, as well as teaching and practicing are simply two different worlds.

Here’s a little research to drive the point home:

80% of todays NFL coaches never played in NFL; Some (Chiefs) never played a down in their life.

10/128 college football coaches never played the game of football.

Arguably the best coaches of all time, Vince Lombardi, Bill Belichick, and Mike Shanahan, never played NFL.

[2013 NBA finals article]- “Greg Popovich and Erik Spoelstra never played a game, yet are the only two men still coaching. Frank Vogel, too, never played in the league and led the Pacers to the Eastern Conference Finals. Lionel Hollins was the only coach in the NBA’s “final four” with any professional playing experience.”

Why is this program called 23 Startups?

A key insight for pursuing a startup idea into the business model development phase is to have more than one great idea before beginning. This way, you will not have a bias towards optimisim when you run into challenges that should be acknowledged and accepted. For this reason, I propose that entrepreneurs have 15-20 feasible and profitable ideas suited for them that they then narrow down to 3-5 they are interested in pursuing.

I grew up near Chicago in the 1990’s idolizing MJ and 23 Startups sounded way cooler than 15-20 Startups.

The schedule doesn't work for me. What options do I have?

Message me your time constraints and there may be an alternative course created on a different day and/or time. No promises, but if enough people request alternative class times, a new class will likely be opened.

Also, if you are dedicated to taking the course but absolutely can’t attend at the available time(s), the course recording will be sold at 30% discount.
This is far from optimal because the classes are very interactive. In class workshopping, presenting and reviewing assignments, and the final competition are all critical interactive elements to developing the skill. 

Can I share the course with a roommate or partner?

If you and a friend want to observe the classes together and work on the assignments together, that’s an a great idea. That said, I will treat you as one entity in all ways and you must be at one computer with one designated speaker.

What is the refund policy?

Building a reputation in the startup education space is my highest priority and I want everyone who takes this course to feel beyond satisfied about their investment. I do everything possible to achieve a 100% satisfaction rating, but sometimes the course might just not fit an individual’s needs.

 If after the first method class (week 2) you feel that this course is not for you for any reason, 100% refund is granted upon unenrolling. After week 3, there’s no turning back! 

If at the end of the class, you do not have 3 outstanding ideas that you are satisfied with and you came to all the classes and 5 office hours, a 100% refund is granted.

When is the next enrollment session and how much will it cost?

The current enrollment has begun and ends when 10 students enroll and will cost $299.
At this time, there is not a future enrollment date nailed down, but it will most likely be in early August and will cost $699 for the fully live course with support.

The second course in the series, ‘Business Model Development & Pitch Deck” is currently being developed and will open in late August. Students enrolled in this course will be offered a substantial financial discount to help me pilot it!

Why is this course currently being offered at a huge discount?

Simply because the course reputation is not yet well established. I have no doubt that it will be after 10 more testimonies. I need your help to do that and I offer a $75 referral incentive to all enrolled students to keep this word of mouth going!

I am positive this course generates feasible and profitable startup ideas and the initial 10 pilot students ALL agree. I would simply rather sell the class at a massive discount as I put the finishing touches on it than invest in advertising at this time. This creates an amazing, but also limited time, opportunity for all those that can already see the value!

P.S. How long have you said, “I want to own a business” and what concrete steps have you taken to make it a reality? I can truly help you materialize these ambitions!

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